Workplace Injuries

Injured at work?

Sadly, injuries in the workplace are all too common. Our employers are under a duty to take care of our safety in the workplace but sometimes accidents can happen. Often, these injuries result in significant time off work and perhaps even a change of career. If this is the case, you may be able to make a claim for additional compensation for loss of earnings.

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When we think of injuries at work, we often think of industrial or workplace accidents. However, accidents can happen everywhere – even in office environments.

Your employer is obliged to take all reasonable steps to take care of your safety and that of your colleagues. In addition, you and your colleagues owe each other a ‘duty of care’. This means you must not act, or fail to act, in a way that might result in injury to others.

Your employers duty includes: providing adequate training, safe and appropriate work wear, preventing unsafe working practices among other things. If an colleague makes a mistake and you are injured, it is your employer who is liable.

Your employer is also obliged to have insurance in place. If you are injured then it is the insurers who will pay – this means that you cannot be sacked, disciplined or treated differently as a result of making a claim.

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