Reclaiming PPI from Natwest

Many UK banks, building societies and credit card companies have been found to have mis-sold PPI policies with their financial products over the last ten or so years. This has led to many thousands of customers paying for an insurance policy they did not want or need, or which was of absolutely no use to them. If you have taken out finance of any kind with Natwest, you may be entitled to compensation. As PPI reclaims specialists, we can help you reclaim any PPI which was mis-sold to you today.

PPI Claim Lawyers Glasgow, Scotland

For individuals, reclaiming Payment Protection Insurance from lenders like Natwet can be daunting. The process may not be obvious and the prospect of being ignored or fobbed by a bank or other institution is always present. This is were it helps to enlist the help of a specialist PPI company. We won't accept reduced ‘goodwill’ repayments and we will fight your cause all the way to the ombudsman if necessary. Most lenders have set aside pots which run into the tens of millions for PPI reclaims.
We are more likely to be successful as:
• We are experts in PPI reclaims. We have recovered thousands of pounds of mis-sold PPI refunds for our clients.
• We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis.
• We can reclaim your PPI even if you have lost the relevant documentation.
• We will not be ‘fobbed-off’ with a goodwill payment. We will reclaim your full payment protection insurance settlement AND interest!

CBC Solicitors - Expert PPI Claim Lawyers Glasgow, Scotland

If you have any questions about making a payment protection insurance claim in Scotland or would like to make an appointment to talk about your situation, please contact Colin Carr on 0141 647 9851. Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form.