Reclaiming PPI from Lloyds Banking Group & TSB

If, like many people, you took out a loan, credit card, mortgage or other type of finance with, Lloyds Banking Group & TSB they could owe you thousands in PPI repayments. As PPI reclaims specialists, we can help you reclaim any PPI which was mis-sold to you today. Lloyds Banking Group & TSB recently estimated that their overall PPI liability could be as much as £4.3bn! This was increased by £700m in July 2012. Clearly, this is among the largest financial scandals ever to engulf the UK and as such, you may be entitled to compensation. Lloyds are the biggest bank in the UK, and many of us may have taken out a PPI policy with them without realising it. Even if you don't have the paperwork for your loan, we will be able to investigate and make a claim on your behalf. 

We will reclaim your PPI on your behalf.

For individuals, reclaiming Payment Protection Insurance from lenders suvch as Lloyds can be unnecessarily difficult. Many banks offer low repayments as a goodwill gesture which are often far less than the total you are owed. Many individual claimants accept this lower offer to avoid the hassle of reclaiming or to get their money back more quickly.

Reports suggest that lenders, including Lloyds Banking Group & TSB, have set aside billions to refund PPI to aggrieved customers. Don’t settle for less than you are entitled to. Reclaiming your Lloyds Banking Group & TSB PPI is easy, quick and simple with CBC Solicitors.

We are more likely to be successful as:
• We are experts in reclaiming PPI from Lloyds Banking Group & TSB. We have recovered thousands of pounds from the on our clients behalf.
• We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis.
• We can reclaim your Lloyds Banking Group & TSB PPI even if you have lost the relevant documentation.
• We will not be ‘fobbed-off’ with a goodwill payment. We will reclaim your PPI settlement in full with interest!

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If you have any questions about making a payment protection insurance claim in Scotland or would like to make an appointment to talk about your situation, please contact Colin Carr on 0141 647 9851. Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form.