Clydesdale Bank PPI Claims Glasgow, Scotland

We are pleased to advise that in a case where we recently wrote to Clydesdale Bank asking for a re-investigation our client has now received an offer for over £4,000. What is of considerable interest in this case is that this was a case in which we had previously intimated to Clydesdale. Our intimation was rejected. We reverted to the Ombudsman Service who approved of the Clydesdale’s position. 

Now, when Clydesdale have been ordered to re-investigate a number of complaints, we now have a result.

It questions what the Ombudsman Service were doing previously with this case. When the Ombudsman’s Office makes a preliminary decision through an Adjudicator and we do not agree we are often encouraged not to take the case further. This is one of the reasons why utilising a Solicitor or reputable Claims Management Company should seriously be considered. No was not acceptable for our client. A result has been achieved.

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