Reclaiming PPI from Barclays

Barclays could owe you thousands in Payment Protection Insurance repayments. We can help you reclaim any PPI which was mis-sold to you today. Barclays have been called 'one of the worst foot-draggers' when it comes to PPI claims: more PPI claims against Barclays end up with the Financial Ombudsman than those from any other bank, and in 99% of these cases, the Ombudsman rules in favour of the borrower. One newspaper stated that "Barclays on the other hand makes many customers with valid complaints fight tooth and nail for a payout."

Despite this, Barclays was forced in April to set aside an additional £300m to meet their potential PPI liabilities. This takes their total PPI Payment pot to an astonishing £1.47 million pounds

We will reclaim your PPI on your behalf.

As you can see above, reclaiming PPI from lenders like Barclays can be unnecessarily difficult for individuals. Most lenders begin by offering ‘goodwill’ repayments which are often far less than the total you are owed. Many individual claimants accept this lower offer for the sake of settling the matter. However, if Barclays make such an offer to you, our advice would be to refuse it, and enlist the help of our PPI reclaims experts.

Lenders, including Barclays, have set aside billions to refund PPI to aggrieved customers. Don’t settle for less than you are entitled to. Reclaiming your Barclays PPI is easy, quick and simple with CBC Solicitors.

We are more likely to be successful as:
• We are experts in Barclays PPI reclaims. We have recovered thousands of pounds of mis-sold PPI refunds from Barclays for our clients.
• We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis.
• We can reclaim your PPI even if you have lost the relevant documentation.
• We will not be ‘fobbed-off’ with a goodwill payment. We will reclaim your full payment protection insurance settlement AND interest!

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