PPI Claims for Mortgages

If your mortgage was taken out in the last ten years, you may be able to reclaim PPI. Payment Protection insurance was routinely mis-sold alongside mortgages as a means of protecting the repayments if the borrower was unable to work through illness or injury. A policy was mis-sold if you didn’t need it, want it or you had no use for it.

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Payment protection insurance may have appeared attractive when sold in conjunction with mortgages. These policies were intended to cover your outgoings in the event that you were unable to work. These policies are obviously particularly attractive where mortgages are concerned. However, these policies were often mis-sold leaving homeowners paying for a policy that was often useless.

You can make a claim for PPI on your mortgage even if you are still paying the mortgage. The PPI claim does not affect your mortgage in any way. If you are not sure if you were mis-sold PPI, check your documentation or bank statements. These should disclose the exact nature of your monthly outgoings.

Many people who took out mortgages were told or made to believe that PPI was necessary to their application or that it would increase their chances of getting the mortgage. This was not the case. If this applies to you, then your PPI was mis-sold.

Mortgage lenders including banks have set aside sums of money to reimburse those who were mis-sold PPI. As PPI experts, we can help you reclaim the compensation you are entitled to.

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