Pension Mis-selling Legal Advice Glasgow, Scotland

Over the last few years Carr Berman Crichton have been at the forefront of various areas in reclaiming compensation on mis-sold pensions, investments, mortgage mis-selling and rate swaps for consumers in Scotland. We still believe we were the first Solicitors in Scotland dealing with Payment Protection Insurance claims. We have dealt with Mortgage mis-selling, Rate Swaps and Tailored Bank Loans. However, over the last 12 months we have begun to develop expertise in financial mis-selling of Pensions and Investments in Scotland.

Pension Mis-selling Lawyers Glasgow, Scotland

We have now developed a unit specifically for legal advice for mis-sold pensions in Scotland. Clients who consult us may be offered either a fee or a "no win-no fee" arrangement.

The principal area of mis-selling relates to Pension Investments. This can relate to active Pensions or frozen ones. Many clients who have had frozen Pensions have been approached, sometimes in cold calling, suggesting that they can receive money by transferring their Pension into another fund. This should not happen. Any cases where a client is offered a financial inducement is invariably mis-sold.

The main purpose of transferring a client’s pension funds in many occasions can be for the sales person to gain commission.

In particular, previous sales persons have induced clients to remove from final salary Pension Schemes, whether clients are still employed in the industry or not. These usually have significant extra benefits. These are lost in the transfer. Although clients may be transferred into a decent High Street Pension provider it is not in many cases the same as the final Pension Salary Scheme. If you have been transferred from one of these Schemes, you should consult us for pension mis-selling legal advice in Scotland.

In addition, some scrupulous salesmen have convinced consumers that they are betting investing in extremely adventurous and indeed sometimes fraudulent adventures. These relate to many mining schemes outwith the UK, Holiday Developments. Anything ethical is always suspicious! In short, anything that sounds highly adventurous, usually is and is usually dangerous to your savings.

Mis-sold SIPPs Legal Advice Glasgow, Scotland

Clients do not need to have funds in Pensions. These funds can be transferred from investments. We have had clients who have had inheritances and have tried to invest themselves and been caught by some of these Schemes.

Many unscrupulous salesmen transfer funds to a SIPP provider who in turn defends themselves by saying they did not give advice when these developments collapsed. Fortunately, the Ombudsman Service on a number of occasions have now found that these SIPP Companies have a duty of care and if they have not looked out for the consumer they have founded in our client/s favour. However, this is not the position in each and every case.

Accordingly, if you have held an investment in a Pension and you were convinced to transfer the same, if you had a Pension with a final salary Pension Scheme and were convinced to transfer the same, if you had a Pension and you were induced by a financial payment to transfer the same we are happy to investigate the same. Similarly, if you have funds and were convinced to invest them in any of the Schemes we have mentioned such as Mining, Foreign Farmland, Foreign Holiday Developments, Wine Investments, Pods, Ethical Forest, Car Parking Investments and you have lost money, there is every chance you have been mis-sold.

Similarly, if you have been convinced to lodge a sum as an investment and have received a guaranteed return but not the return of your principal sum you may wish to consider whether you were mis-sold.

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Our pension mis-selling lawyers in Glasgow, Scotland are happy to discuss your case with you and indicate whether we believe you have a prospect of success. All cases can be either dealt with by professional instruction i.e. paying a fee or a "no win-no fee" contingency basis arrangement. If you are seeking mis-sold pension legal advice in Glasgow, Scotland please contact Colin Carr on 0141 331 0444. Alternatively you can fill out our online contact form.