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You may have heard the phrase ‘No win, No fee’ before, but what does it actually mean? Our guide will help you understand how these types of arrangements (sometimes known as ‘Contingency fee agreements’ or ‘Conditional Fee Agreements’) work. These types of arrangements are low-risk as you pay nothing if you lose, and yet you still keep 100% of the compensation if you win!

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors

No Win, no fee agreements were introduced as a substitute for legal aid in some cases. These arrangements allow you to make a claim without taking substantial financial risk. Without No win no fee agreements, many people would be unable to access justice.

How do I keep 100% of the compensation?

Basically, the other side pay your costs if you are successful. If you are the injured party and you are successful, the other side are deemed to have caused the injury and thus owe you compensation. This compensation includes your legal fees – after all, you wouldn’t have been paying legal fees if you hadn’t been injured.  If your claim settles before court, it is the other side’s insurers who pay our costs.

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