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Improving the Health of Relationships in the UK

A coalition of relationship support charities has called on the future UK Government to do more to improve the health of relationships in the UK.

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Reassessment of Claims

Some months ago, my colleagues in a Claims Management Company of which I am a Director were asked to attend a meeting with one of the major Payment Protection Insurance Companies in the United Kingdom. It was revealed by the said Company that significant data which should have been either made available to clients, Claims Management Companies or Solicitors had wrongly been withheld. In some cases this may have been in error in other cases, the conduct of Banks/Financial Institutions was quite questionable.

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Parents Lack Awareness of Inheritance Tax

New research by Prudential has highlighted a lack of understanding of inheritance tax (IHT) amongst some over-55s in the UK.

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Should Civil Partnership be Available to All Couples?

A recent poll has revealed widespread support across Britain for the idea that civil partnership should be available to all couples.

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