CBC Solicitors act for a number of individuals and companies in relation to insolvency matters.  This can range from presenting petitions for sequestration or winding up of a company to defending either in court. 

Sequestration or Winding Up in Scotland

Sequestration or winding up in Scotland is normally done following a decree from the court or as a result of summary diligence following a registered lease.  CBC can advise in relation to the process for creditor or debtor alike.

Charge for Payment Legal Advice

If you have been served with a charge for payment we recommend that you contact us quickly as there is very little that can be done following the expiry of the 14 day period.

Caveats and Protection Against Creditors

Insolvency tends to move quickly and we recommend that you have caveats in place to protect yourself in case a creditor seeks to take interim action.

Caveats are relatively inexpensive and we can arrange these for minimal cost.

Lawyers for Insolvency Practitioners Glasgow

CBC also act for a number of insolvency practitioners providing assistance with evictions, sequestrating individuals as a result of failed trust deeds and petitioning for the winding up of companies. 

Contact Our Insolvency Solicitors Glasgow

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