Injuries in Public Places

It has happened to us all. We’re out and about, minding our own business when we trip or fall. Most of the time, such an accident is inconsequential and the only thing which is hurt is our pride. However, sometimes injury can result. If you have suffered such an injury, and you think someone was at fault, you may be able to claim compensation.

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If you are in a public place, the person, authority or body who has responsibility for that public place has responsibility for your welfare whilst you are there. This means they must take reasonable steps to ensure that you are safe and that there are no unreasonable hazards present.

In the context of walking down the street, the council is obliged to make sure paving stones do not present a trip hazard, that (as far as possible) the street is free of ice and other slip hazards and that no street furniture (lampposts, signs etc are unsafe and at risk of falling).

If you are in, for example a supermarket, they must ensure produce is safely stacked and that there are no items or substances on the floor which prevent a hazard. They don’t have total control over your welfare though, and a sign indicating a hazard can be sufficient to protect them from liability. However, if you ARE injured outside and you think the authority in charge is responsible, contact us now for advice on how to make a personal injury claim.

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