Frequently Asked Accident Claims Questions

How long after my accident can I make a claim?

We must make an accident claim for you within three years. Ideally you need to contact as soon as possible but certainly no later than 32 months after the accident. 

We can’t accept claims after that period.In some cases, for example medical negligence, it may well be that you weren’t aware of the negligence for some time – maybe even years after an operation that seemed ok but had not gone well.  We can look at such cases after 3 years.

How is the amount of compensation worked out?

There are various factors that need to be taken into account.  We will advise you as the case goes along, in particular when we receive medical reports and then check the law that exists regarding other, similar cases.

Compensation includes compensation for injury and can include compensation for any wages that have been lost, and indeed any that may be lost in the future.

How long will it take for my claim to be sorted out?

Anything from 3 months to several years.  We always hope that claims can be settled by ‘pre-settlement negotiation’ and by the insurance company accepting liability at the beginning.

After that, a whole number of different factors have to be looked at. In some cases the other side won’t accept liability and we will have to go to court, which can take years.  Or the other side may accept liability but we can’t agree on the compensation.

If I am awarded compensation, will the amount be made public?

Where the case is heard in court, there are very often members of the press there but they only ever report the most serious or the most controversial cases.

For cases settled outside of court, these are nearly always accepted on a private and confidential basis.

If I get to keep all of my compensation, how do you make your money?

We get paid by the insurers where liability is accepted and the claim is settled without going to court. If we go to court, we will seek the expenses of the case if your claim is successful.

Don’t I just need to contact my insurance company?

Your own insurance company will deal with claims against you or deal with damage to your motor vehicle. For claims against another party a ‘formal intimation’ through a solicitor is the best route.

Even though I don’t pay your fee if I lose, won’t I have other costs?

No. Under the system we use, if we lose your case there will be no expenses personally against you and we, or our solicitor colleagues, will have put aside appropriate money in case that happens.

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