Children and the Law in Scotland

Often when parents separate or divorce, their greatest concern is to get through the process with as little upset for the children as possible.

Mediation is often a first step. Rather than having to meet face to face, you can deal through a mediator who can help both sides agree what you want for your children. 

Children and Separation Legal Advice Rutherglen, Glasgow

Separation Agreements can help because they can include decisions about maintenance, where the children will live, who they will live with, their future education, who will see the children –  and when. 

Hopefully, parents will be able to agree on various aspects of their children’s future lives but if they can’t legal ‘actions’ can be raised regarding Parental Rights and Responsibilities. These can result in the court making decisions on such issues as ‘residence’ (custody), ‘contact’ (access) and ‘specific issues’ – such as changing a child’s name or what medical treatment they will receive.

You also have a legal requirement to provide financial support for your children and this is another area which can often cause bad feeling. CBC can provide the help and support you need to come to an agreement about the future of your children.

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